Bete Gris(e)

Okay, here’s a very good beach. Bete Gris is French for “Gray Beast.” I do not personally know where the name comes from, but Wikipedia says it is named for either (1) a strange gray creature that used to roam the area or (2) Native Americans used to burn the blueberry bogs every year creating a gray fog over the bay. I do know one thing – Bete Gris is a fitting name for the beach if you don’t understand French. It just sounds really nice, and the beach happens to be one of the prettiest around. The sand is really fine, white, and squeaks when you walk on it. The bay is protected from stormy weather, and is usually very calm. This is a special beach, indeed. Check out the shoreline viewer, and please, go to this beach.

What a beautiful day...

My friend Brett on the right... He has special qualities.

There are a couple picnic tables and some nicer outhouses for public use. This would be a fantastic beach for a day of lazing in the sun. The water is slightly warmer than average, and very refreshing. There is also a lighthouse just up the beach where Lac La Belle canal hits the bay. Mt. Bohemia is just on the other side of Lac La Belle.

Now that is some beach...

Getting to Bete Gris is a special trip in itself. The Gay/Lac La Belle Road hugs the eastern edge of the Keweenaw Peninsula and is a very scenic route, to be taken slowly. It is quite a drive, so make plans in advance.

Just South of Bete Gris on the scenic highway

2 responses to “Bete Gris(e)

  1. Brett says:

    That’s what my mom always told me, too.

  2. Ian says:

    Catching up on someyooperbeach, I stumbled across this great picture of Brett. Big win.

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