Point Abbaye

Huron Islands in Background

Huron Islands in Background (same islands as banner across top of page)

Point Abbaye is not a beach. Point Abbaye is one of the coolest non-beach sections of the Superior shoreline, and one of the most memorable places to swim. Spend an evening watching a sun set over Keweenaw Bay, or spend a morning watching the sun rise over the Huron Islands. Question the images your eyes perceive across the lake as the physics of God’s creation teases you through mirage.  Spend an afternoon jumping off the point into the deep. Or (my personal favorite) wait for a stormy / windy afternoon and go witness the fury of what a Lake Suprerior storm can be.

I wouldnt stand here during a storm...

I wouldn't stand here during a storm...

Point Abbaye is an adventure. Point Abbaye is an experience. Point Abbaye is one of those places that you just won’t forget. Despite being nearly an hour away from the house where I grew up, Point Abbaye was always an easy destination to gain approval for a spontaneous trip. Stormy, windy afternoon… Lets go to Point Abbaye. Always a must see when we’d have visitors from out of the area. If you are someone from the Baraga / L’Anse area and have never been out there, I must implore that you go. You will want to see it on a calm, clear evening and you will also want to see it during a storm. I promise it is well worth your time.

This water is very clean and clear, but rarely calm...

This water is very clean and clear, but rarely calm...

Northeast of L’Anse 8 miles on Skanee Rd… Turn left (North) on Townline Rd and go 4.6 miles (the blacktop will have ended) and turn right on Point Abbaye Rd. 11 slow miles later you will be to the parking area, where you can walk the remaining 1/4 mile to the point. If there is a storm, you will not want to go swimming, nor will you want to wander to the edge of the rocks. In said situation, I am certain you would come to the same conclusions, but, see for yourself.

Check out the following:

Go See It.

Go See It.

2 responses to “Point Abbaye

  1. Gowtham says:

    The ball looks so clean and uncrammed at this state of the beach project :)

  2. Trisha says:

    I have relatives on Point Abbaye. One day we walked down there. The waters were rough. It was beautiful. I;m not if I’d be brave enough to swim there!

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