Brimley State Park

“In winter we shovel snow, and in summer we swat mosquitoes. In the spring and the fall we rest up for swatting and shoveling.” – Peter Oikarinen’s reply to the often asked question of Yoopers ‘What do you guys do up there?’ – 1987

Brimley State Park.

The beach at Brimley State Park is popular for the following reasons, in order of importance based on my personal opinion: (1) It is a state park – lots of campers with a beach right there… (2) there are very few other beaches around, and (3) it’s a decent beach. There is an actual marked swimming area to keep swimmers safe from boaters. The beach has nice sand. But… it’s crowded and there’s not much room. The water is not the cleanest either. But the state park is there, which is awesome! Brimley does have a very nice park. And this beach is the farthest East that I know of. Beyond this is private beaches and then the Sault Locks and Canada.

I’d say this is a good beach, but I wouldn’t make a trip there just for that. The park is nice, and that’s worth going to for a weekend. Do take a swim if you are at the park though!

Here’s the Google Map. And here’s the Shoreline Viewer.

Popular Beach.

I gave it a shot...

State Park.

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