First Sand Beach

Pequaming in Background

Pequaming in Background

First Sand Beach doesn’t require deserve much introduction… Its like a rotten apple peach I once ate. I knew the peach was bad – the horrible taste gave it away. But I ate it anyway, in voiced disgust. If I hadn’t eaten all (or most) of it, I wouldn’t have been able to explain just how bad it was. And so it goes with this beach.

I don’t want to bad-mouth the beach too much, so I’ll just state the facts.

  • This beach is the South edge of a swamp
  • The sand (in & out of water) reflects the above statement
  • There is one tree in sight… maybe two. They aren’t good ones (I’m an expert at this… logger’s son)
  • The water is dirty… because of my first point
  • The water is shallow
  • The beach is 1/2 mile long, and 3 or 4 reluctant strides from highway to water’s edge
  • It smells
  • The experience is not unlike that of eating a rotten peach… You might eat it, but you’ll surely tell people how bad it is.

Now for something good: The drive along Bay Shore / Pequaming Road heading North out of L’Anse is special. Its only a 10 to 15 minute drive out of L’Anse.

First Sand... Though its also been called Scrub Sand Beach

First Sand... Scrub Sand (Brett, Chuck, AFC know it)

The water was wet.

The water was wet... at least.

Just up the road from First Sand Beach is Pequaming. Also Second Sand Beach, which I will write about next. Either one of these destinations is a much better choice than FSB. Pequaming is a really pretty area and has an old lighthouse worth checking out. Please take my advice and visit Pequaming… pass up First Sand.

4 responses to “First Sand Beach

  1. Brett says:

    “This is the worst peach ever.” Wasn’t it a peach?

    Actually, the part that got me rolling the most was “reluctant steps”. That’s funny.

    I read this randomly a day ago but didn’t leave any comments until you prompted me.

  2. triphina says:

    Hey, as a local…first sand is often warmer than second sand… so if you really want to swim it is easier to get into the water at first sand. The highway is really just little road so not really a hazard… also very easy to launch your kayak at first sand!

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