Halfaday Creek

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” – Paul the Apostle

Halfaday Creek...

The beach at Halfaday Creek is a bit more interesting than other beaches along this stretch of shoreline. The sand is really nice, and the creek is there… and it seemed to me that it was a popular spot for locals. I only happened across this beach… hadn’t known there was actually a beach. I knew about the Halfaday Creek because my dad had told me stories years ago about his fishing trips to that creek. I’d never heard of it otherwise or even seen it on a map, but when I saw the road sign I knew I had to stop. And ‘whatta-ya-know”… there was a nice little beach! Nothing special, but nice.

As for why it’s called Halfaday? I don’t know. You certainly wouldn’t spend more than half a day there though. Might spend half a day trying to find it too…

Check out Google Map. And here’s the Shoreline Viewer.


3 responses to “Halfaday Creek

  1. Bob Halfaday says:

    Just toinform you that Halfaday Creek was named after my Grandfather Melvin Halfaday He worked for the Us Forest Service In raco , Michigan

  2. Janet Hess says:

    I live in the Sault. My husband and I own waterfront property between Salt Point and Halfaday Creek. The creek is a destination for a walk from our cabin and we and our guests walk there very often. My family and guests have wondered how the name originated and I am happy to finally learn how it became Halfaday Creek. We had surmised that the locals named it Halfaday many years ago because it was half a day’s travel from somewhere to somewhere else.

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