Little Presque Isle Beach (South)

Little Presque Isle is a quite spectacular place, often referred to as the “Crown Jewel of Lake Superior.” When I arrived, I was unaware of this fact and quickly formed my own opinion which headed in a different direction. Before anyone jumps to defense of LPI, let me explain… When I arrived to LPI, I was unfamiliar with the park and ended up heading to the South beach first. It was late in the evening and getting cool, wind picking up, etc… Stepping out on the beach I was a bit disappointed. I really shouldn’t have been, because the area was very pretty and secluded – by all means a great state forest and natural/wilderness area. But maybe it was the cold, the fact that the sun was long gone behind the tall pine trees along the shore, or the choppy waters that clouded my thoughts and caused my disappointment. Of course, I didn’t realize there was a North beach, which I will post next. Since the North beach is much better, I’ll save more information for that post. For now, I will post some pictures…


Nice Scenery


Turns out I was on the South beach of LPI

Little Presque Isle

South Beach of Little Presque Isle...

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  1. Jason Briggs says:

    You missed a Beach, before this called Harlow’s Landing. There is also a hidden beach after that to. Accessible by canoe or steep hiking trail.

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