Shiras Park

Most cities don’t have beaches this close to downtown – especially nice beaches that are clean. Marquette has a string of beaches along its shoreline, and Shiras Park is the middle one. Not sure if the locals call it Shiras Park… They may call it “Middle Beach,” “Second Beach,” or “Painted Rocks.” I’ve heard all three of those.

Shiras Park, by Marquette Harbor Light

The beach stretches from the Marquette Harbor Light (to the South – see the shoreline viewer) up around a point and just a little farther North past the landmark “painted” rocks out in the water. The beach is sometimes very popular, and rightfully so. The city of Marquette is very fortunate to have nice beaches so close to downtown.

If it's water, you might as well jump in...

One response to “Shiras Park

  1. Don says:

    I spent many days and hours by the Picnic Rocks and Shiras Park when I was a young boy growing up in Marquette….was amazed one evening when the tide came up about 20 feet…I had thought that was only a “ocean” thing!! LOVE THE UP!!!!

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