West Portage Entry

“Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed.” – Proverbs 12:24

West Portage Entry... Nice.

That is one great picture… Courtesy of Gowtham. This lighthouse and breakwall are just up the beach from McLain State Park. Actually, this may still be part of the park… the road out here goes through the park so… The beach here is nothing amazing (the walk out from McLain is though!) but the lighthouse and breakwall are really cool. I won’t write much here, because mostly this is the same area as McLain. But I will say this is one of my favorite places to watch a sunset. It takes a while to walk out to the lighthouse, but its worthwhile. See the map, and shoreline viewer.

I dove in here on the canal side of the breakwall. The water was choppy and I had no idea how shallow the water was. The wall is maybe 6 ft high, and the water where I jumped in turned out to be about 3 feet deep. I didn’t hit the bottom, but it was pretty surprising when I stood up… And of course I jumped twice so I could get the lighthouse in the background. The other side of the wall has much deeper water, but there are also large boulders along the wall.

Off the breakwall... Don't try this. Beach Expert.

Higher than you thought?

2nd Dive... Super

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